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STR Guitars are created by Satoru Yatsuzuka, the master luthier at our Aska factory in Japan. It is the successor factory of our original Headway factory established in 1977. We have been manufacturing both our own brands and OEM products of domestic and foreign high-end guitar makers for over 35 years, with the principle of complete handcrafting. The factories have been renowned for high quality craftsmanship and exquisite level of detail in guitar building. We started STR guitars in 2006 to embody Satoru’s relentless pursuit for creating instruments that surpasses the player’s imagination, built to the highest level of precision, quality, tone and with the best available material. Satoru is deeply involved with every stage of the intricate manufacturing process from selection and processing of woods to setting up of the instruments.

Description of model name

Electric bass

LS (Lead Style): 24 frets, mostly 3pcs or 5pcs neck deep cutaways
CS (Classic Style): 21 frets, mosely 1pc neck
SC (Single Cut): 24frets, single cutaway and bolt-on construction
DLS (Deluxe Lead Style): 24 frets and set-neck construction
DSC (Deluxe Single Cut): 24frets, single cutaway and set-neck construction

The three-digit-number stands for number of strings, scale length, and string space at bridge

First digit: number of strings
Second digit: Scale length. 4 = 34 inches, 5 = 35inches
Third digit: String space at bridge. 9 = 19 mm, 8 = 18mm


The Photobook 2014

STR The Photobook 2014

The Photobook 2015

STR The Photobook 2015

Sierra series

STR Sierra line was started in 2015 to deliver the quality and craftsmanship of STR to a wider range of people with a more budget friendly price.
However the cost reduction is not equal to compromising quality. The tonewoods are seasoned for a moderately long time and precisely processed by hands of experienced luthiers as well as the ones used for customshop line. We select the most reliable parts such as Gotoh hardware, Aguilar preamp, Mojotone pickup, DeviseR parts developed by Deviser Co Ltd, the company STR team belongs to. The Sierra models offers the tone and playability sought after by serious players.

STR Guitars Sierra series Website

STR Sierra series Catalog

STR Sierra series Catalog


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